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Did you know the cofounder of Google, Sergey Brin, is currently on leave from his doctoral studies in computer science at Stanford? I imagine he will find it hard to get back into study given his success and the likelihood he will be awarded an honourary doctorate at some stage anyway. He could possibly use his own search engine to find information about restarting his degree but when you type in ‘research degree advice’ you get about 2.5 million hits – some good, some bad, and lots that are very ordinary. This week in the Postgraduate Writing Session I thought I would review some of the websites I think are useful for postgraduate research students in general.

  • UWA Graduate Research School. We have a lot of information on the UWA website to support postgraduate studies. Browse The Research Journey and the online material in Resources and training.
  • UWA Information Services. Apart from the LibGuides, know that you can access complete digital copies of theses from Australasia, the UK and US. See How to find theses
  • This site links to doctoral dissertations in progress around the world. Designed to help avoid duplication between studies the site also allows for communication between researchers in specific areas.
  • Academic writing websites OWL Paradigm The Writing Centre & Guide to Grammar and Writing. For online academic writing advice and worked examples you can’t go past PurdueUniversity’s Online Writing Lab (OWL). Paradigm is great for advice regarding the organisation, revision and editing of a thesis. And the Writing Centre at the University of North Carolina has a large number of academic writing handouts and some discipline specific advice. The Guide to Grammar and Writing is, interestingly, managed by a nonprofit organization (the budget website design reflects this). It draws heavily from well known texts, presenting the information is an easy to understand way.
  • PhD2Published This website provides academic publishing advice such as; Pitching to publishers, Designing a publishing strategy, Writing articles and books, and Writing grant proposals. To date, the site has focussed on publication of academic texts but a recent change in editorial arrangements suggests the website will focus more on journal publications from now on.
  • Postgraduate Toolbox This website claims to be the ‘number one resource for postgraduates providing information and services to assist and support postgraduate life and work’, delivering the ‘best postgrad content on the web’. I like the Advice Centres.
  • First thoughts to finished writing Quite possibly the ugliest website I have encountered for a while. But I like the way the information has been ordered that allows you to access advice for specific points in candidacy.
  • PhD Jobs For when you are close to finishing….
  • And some sites you may want to browse to keep on top of news in higher education: The Australian Higher Education, Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) News & Inside Higher Ed

PS. If you have some spare time you may want to read a little more about Google. Check out their company philosophy: the Ten Things We Know To Be True. Some of them you might find apply to your studies. PPS. Apparently they originally planned to call the company BackRub – I doubt this name would have made it into everyday speech as readily as Google has.

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